Kitchen Skyline

Kitchen Skyline is a perfect example of a kitchen combining the Shaker style with the typical design of the Umbrian farmhouse.

The kitchen Umbrian shaker in fact, creates a perfect harmony, combining the functionality and simplicity of the typical shaker style, the linearity of the kitchen units, (see Cucina “Shaker”) with rustic farmhouse elements, such as the irregularity of the walls and the terracotta tile floor, the functional room dividers typical of the old farmhouse.

The choice of the two contrasting colors is typical of the Umbrian style, the symmetrical division of the features is unique to Anglo-Saxon design (in fact the owner of this kitchen is English).The kitchen Umbrian shaker contains many accessories that make the room very friendly and comfortable, being inspired by Italian, French and English styles.

The blending of these styles goes into creating a practical and functional kitchen, with a very pleasing appearance.

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