We believe it is important for a design to leave its mark. We only decide on a style with that in mind and always aim at producing something of originality and beauty.

Every kitchen, like any product, you want to be recognised like a great piece of music and dreamlike fantasy but also to emphasise certainty.

As a company “porte del passato” (meaning – doors of the past) we have from the very begining focused on the use of old. Reclaimed, patinated wood, leaving nothing to chance.

Originally with our reproduction doors, then bookcases, bathroom furniture and now kitchens are proving a great success with our customers.

And the key to our success is the perfect creation and the ability to produce furniture that cannot be found anywhere else.

The construction of a kitchen, its look and feel should always start with selecting the right matterials, authentic surface, assembly and finishings, none of which is meaningless.

For this reason we have dedicated a lot of time to sourcing high quality, reclaimed timber and study the practices and techniques of the ancient cabinet makers. This is why our surface finishes have a close affinity with the original wood.

The kitchen is also technological, functional and in a word practical. It is intended as a lovely environment but also somewhere familiar and friendly, “suited” to the user.

The origins of our company can be found in the families passion for over sixty years, finding and recovering ancient matterials, which are then creatively worked and assembled.

This continuation through the generations makes us proud and happy in the knowledge that creativity and originality carried forward in time.

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