Kitchen Shaker

Kitchen Shaker is an example of a typical shaker style kitchen made in new varnished wood.

The shaker were a religious group originally from Britain that emigrated to the United States and believed in, and had the ability to create plain and simple, hand crafted funiture.

Our kitchen shaker recognises the essential construction rules of simplicity, linearity and simmetry, along with the extreme functionality and utilisation of the available space.

The sweet and romantic comparison between the soft painted wooden base and the hard oak worksurface (or stone, quartz, marble surfaces chosen by the customer ) helping to give the kitchen a harmoneous and serene atmosphere.

The assembly of the drawers and cabinet doors are manufactured using timeless, traditional craftsmans techniques.

The colours and the patina possess a mellow, lived in feel of an english or american house from the 1930s.

It is always a beautiful, functional kitchen, and over time you will become very attached to this kitchen, with a blend of the esthetic and the practical.

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