Kitchen Luce

Our “Light” kitchen is the result of an eclectic and functional combination of the practical needs of a kitchen as a place to work in and the style specifications of antique pharmacy furniture.

Therefore, if on one hand the idea is to give space and centrality to the large marble worktops and the space containing aspect of the base with numerous drawers and cupboards, on the other hand the uprights, columns and relief work on the cupboard doors are subtle, elegant and never over stated.

The range hood, again with an eclectic air has classic serrated edges that were first seen in the Renaissance but were also found historically in the 18th century on important pieces of furniture such as those used in pharmacies.

The floating shelves in the kitchen wall unit provide on the other hand lightness, and it is the “light” in tune with the discreet elegant of the style that contributes to making this kitchen welcoming, familiar and full of life.

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