Kitchen La Mangiatoia


La Mangiatoia kitchen rustic is a classic example of a reproduction in an old country kitchen style, where the lines and stylistic variations achieve a harmony and consistency thanks to the play of colour and stain.
The owners, people of great sensitivity and taste, as well as lovers of recycling and the patina of the materials, have worked with us with great enthusiasm, in the design process in which each step was the fruition the consequences of a joint labours.

In this kitchen rustic stands out a beautiful and ancient truss that supports the hood above the cooking area. The doors are made of antique poplar original stain finished in natural beeswax and goes well with the antique wooden floor.

This country kitchen is finished off using a richly patinated, recycled piece of furniture that the owners have cleverly placed against a wall with old bricks still visible.

We can admire a lovely workbench, a lacquered cabinet and distressed plate rack that together create a cosy and unique environment.

The antique country style of this kitchen has a very suggestive impact because it has been enhanced with the perfect design and with each glimpse, it serves as a scenic setting for an old country kitchen.

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