Kitchen Incanto

The kitchen country Incanto aims to distinguish itself with a refined elegance, expressed through structure and color details.

The structure, with aesthetic detail referable to ante, capello e ciabatta, originate from two distinct time periods. The door, with its light and sinuous frame, is inspired by gates of the early 700s, while the capello ( hat ) e ciabatta ( base ) brings back of 50 years and reproduce the time’s elaborate and complicated movements in the framing.

The color and finish, a gray with gray-finishing with delicate weathering, give the kitchen a pleasant chromatic softening which also contributes to the top, made of Carrara marble veiled with a slight weathering.

Another important and almost central element in the kitchen is the hood. The front of the hood reproduces an old fireplace decorated with curlicues and family crests from the fourth century, and its color pattern aligns with the kitchen, producing light contrasts.

Our kitchen country Incanto, like all of our creations, combines aesthetic objectives with extreme cross-functionality and practicality.

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