Kitchen Favola

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Our “Favola” country kitchen range is a prototype modula kitchen that is adaptable in size to suit small as well as rather large rooms.

The nature of the “recovered” wood makes it otherwise much more suitable and less defined to make the modules. In the sense that it is more suitable for the”kitchen environment” equipped with more parts and separate furnishing that can be detached from each other.

This country kitchen has an old recycled marble sink and an antique beam from which the hood is made. The timbers are recycled from old demolished buildings and patinas are made by hand with a natural beeswax finish.

At the center, the truly dominating piece, is the Lacanche stove, making this a very important and luxurious version. The blend between “Cucine Belli” and “Lacanche” is now a partnership dedicated to the pursuit of quality.

There is a coat of arms on the hood to give it a touch of class and elegance, making it an exclusive project.

Above the Lacanche, is a functional and decorative piece of majolica pottery created in a geometric and harmonious design.

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