Kitchen Casale 1816

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Casale 1816 is a country kitchen made for our dear customers, together with whom we have designed, with passion and love, an attractive and functional space.

Cucine Belli, in its sales structure, allows the customer to customize their creations, searching together, customer and supplier, reaching consistent and harmonious design solutions.

In this case, the kitchen country Casale 1816, presents the doors whose dimpled shape is reminiscent of our other country kitchen Magia.

The metal fittings (handles, hinges, …) recall those of our country kitchen Essenza.

To the right of ILVE kitchen, we have created a glossy chest of wood, satisfying the desire of our customers to create a color detachment from the rest of the kitchen, with a pickled finishing in ivory hues.

A very nice old stone sink and ancient pottery define the splash-back behind the sink and the floor around the sink. Both sink ceramics come from our partner company Lacole Casa Italiana.

Opposite the plan there is a beautiful antique butcher counter, from the very experienced patina.

To lighten the structure, the wall units have been realized in part per day, partly with inglesina, and in part with shelving units with integrated lights.

We believe this kitchen succeeds functionally, and aesthetically, due in large part to the good taste and passion contributed by our customers

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