Kitchen Amalia

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The original patina of the antique wood has a soft, velvety feel to the touch due to the subtle distressing of the timber all goes into making the Kitchen Amalia the perfect blend and harmony that often can be found in traditional, rustic, italian design.

The minimalistic, linear designs of the cupboards and drawers translates the essential plain and simple rustic style.

The original patina of the antique poplar is soft to the touch and its surface recalls the emotions of its bygone age.

The professionally finished soft, smooth artificial distressing of the wood is never forced and the hand finishing echoes the work of the old craftsmen.

This wonderful and practical kitchen italian rustic usually has a worksurface that is either made from traditional patinated old timber or using hard, modern materials and for example can be constructed in granite, marble or stone.

The table, extraction fan cover and antique majolica splash back tiles, speak of the combination of convenience and improvisation that comes from breaking traditional rules and employing simple, functional personal necessity common in rustic kitchens.

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