Kitchen Vintage

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Kitchen Vintage is the result of reworking the craftsmanship and imagination during the salvage process and applying it to the old carpenter’s workbench.

We have, with our expertise, crafted and fitted antique wooden doors and drawers, that create new storage spaces, without altering the rustic look of the object.

On the left of the recessed modern hob is fitted a fine example of a salvaged antique copper basin with a very beautiful patina.

The country element continues with a salvaged, antique, wooden wall mounted, plate rack, while the cooker hood, a real coup, was made from an old bathtub.

The splash guard of this country kitchen was made with a double row of old majolica tiles in an iron frame.

The country kitchen’s patina was made using traditional waxing techniques, that maintain and enhance the surfaces’ antique appearance as created at the carpenter’s workbench.

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