Kitchen Melodia

Kitchen shaker english style Melodia is the consequence of a fantasy and dream.
It was born from the idea of taking possession of our countryside’s old rustic feel and keeping and conserving the most intimate and true connotations of structure and style.
This then developed into the desire create an original country kitchen that maintains the old farmhouse design while giving room for functionality and the organisation of the work space.
This is where imagination comes into play and results in the meeting and search for harmony between the stylistic and the aesthetic, showing both their similarities and differences.

The centre of the kitchen Melodia is clearly influenced by the Shaker style in its symmetries and colours. The patina is obtained by the use of Farrow and Ball’s products.
The central element of the group is the marzipan coloured, Cucina Lacanche topped with an English style hood.
The mobile wall units are distinctive of the Shaker style.

The walls to the left and right of the kitchen Melodia want to express respect for the old structure and are typical of the rustic look.
In fact the false masonry walls, plaster is used to simulate the rustic look of old lime techniques.

The arrangement of the antique wooden cupboard doors and drawers keeping their original patina, even though we respected their original use, we had to make adjustments and allow for elements of chance within the salvage process.

The surface of the left-hand wall is of old marble tiles, while the right-hand wall is a showcase for industrial ironwork.

In conclusion, we have tried to maintain the linearity and simplicity while trying to create an eclectic harmony, never exasperated but always containing the message of balance that the kitchen shaker english style wishes to express.

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