Kitchen Magia

Kitchen Magia is a kitchen country distressed wood inspired by the traditional old work counters of the general stores common throughout italy and france during the 19th century. Antique timber is used, completed with a patinated worksurface has the feel of a well-used counter often touched by storekeeper and customer over time. Every aspects of this kitchens soft tones and classic design firmly place it in the catagory of refined, rustic finishes. At the same time the antique oak top communicates a feeling of strength, durability and a tough functionality. This kitchen country distressed wood is also an eccletic kitchen that comfortably blends with a varity of styles and atmospheres. In our opinion it has a light, harmoneous sense, where the moldings and fittings, shelves and fan are active ingredients in a very melodic and representative style. Note the polished and aged quartz sink, a clear inspiration from the french provence style. The detail in the pictures illustrates different combinations, with various tables or simply unadorned surfaces.

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