Kitchen Magia Como Edit

Kitchen Magia Como-Edition is the practical adaptation of Kitchen Magia into a smaller space. In the above version, while maintaining the strongly held idea of distressed, old wood, appears a distinct variety of modules and a variation of the details that tend, while not distorting the kitchen’s appearance but accentuates it’s elegant movement.

The top and sink of the kitchen country provencal, are made in precious marble engraved in gold, the finished woodwork back and the leaded glass column, are all elements that work together.

The central island, made in a pure Provencal style, with all the columns and studs that adorn it, is a detail that provides additional functionality to the kitchen as well as grace and elegance.

The colours, materials and details give this kitchen country provencal, the newest model to the Magia range, a uniqueness in terms of the country materials and design.

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