Kitchen La Fornace


Kitchen La Fornace, is the name that the owners wanted to give their kitchen provencal distressed wood, in memory of their old, family home , it is the genuine expression of hospitality and convenience.

A small kitchen but well organized and designed to give total functionality.

Just look at the relative size of the work surfaces, the placement of appliances and accessories , the kitchen is immediately ready and easy to use for anyone.

The antique wood in shades of ivory make this a warm kitchen , the ironwork and French-style moldings tone down and soften the linearity of the kitchen.

The owners of the house chose from us every single part of this kitchen provencal distressed wood, there was a strong collaboration between both parties , with the advice and suggestions from each other , serving to develop this project together.

In the heart of Umbria, the kitchen “La Fornace ” is a fine example of stylistic eclecticism of Provence and Italian design. With the care in positioning the components , it seems you can almost feel the influence of Anglo-Saxon taste.

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