Kitchen Industrial Chic


Our “Industrial Chic” kitchen is derived from the industrial genre, with the support structure, the windows and the hood all made of antiqued and burnished iron.
The furnishings carry the renewed charm of old factories: the worn iron, the spartan structure of the pillars, and the very simple structure of the crosses of the English windows.
The hood itself is very minimal, with iron clamps that border the flared panel.
Doors, drawers, shelves and sides are made from old recovered fir wood. A throwback to older and simpler tastes, these elements create a vintage look.
The cabinet doors are simple shapes, with flat panels bordered by triangular “testaroli” shapes and streamlined to convey style without excess or ostentation.
The patina of the old wood is natural and waxed to leave the surface unaltered and revealing the passage of time.
The end result, we believe, is that of a light and harmonious kitchen that is both cozy and pleasing to the eye.

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