Kitchen Essenza

Kitchen Essenza is an example that incorporates a variety of different antique woods such as oak, pine and poplar with its original patina and a lime wash finish as if produced by the masters of yesteryear.

The worksurface and false door concealing the fridge, the glass fronted cupboards and the table are all in the french provence style, whereas the lower cupboards and doors are in a traditional italian style.

The patina of the wood is saved and protected and is emphasised by the original design of the kitchen provencal, with a lovely, warm colour and style (the kitchen can be personalised to suit your taste).

The blending of these two styles, the french and the italian, creates an ecletic, friendly statement.

Our various accessories include dish clothes, chopping and pastry boards, jars and antique ceramics.

It is a pleasure to work with old timber, to touch and see the diversity of colour and grain, to observe the ambiance that these finished woods create.
We only use the reclaimed floorboards, ceilings and door timbers, they are reused and preserved in the most appropriate way specific to each particular wood.

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