Kitchen Dream Island

Kitchen Dream Island is a kitchen country modern which reproduces the idea of an equipped “island” which is immediately available for use and multipurpose in its setting.

In fact, it is a kitchen which we think could blend into an old farmhouse, perhaps next to an old fireplace or a stove, but we also think it could fit into modern design environments or within lofts where it could blend with “industrial” elements.

We have combined different elements such as the slate of the top, the steel of the accessories, and the softwood finished in the antique Florentine style.

It has been an experiment, one which was planned and based on previously lived creative experiences, which have now been translated into a form which we might call eclectic in terms of style and material.

In this kitchen country modern, the appliances also play a central role, from the dishwasher to the drawer, to the modern sink and faucet.

There is, in other words, a perfect blend between the very modern and the classic nature of the wooden and decorative elements, designed to enhance a usefulness which is both practical and hyperfunctional.

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