Kitchen Country

Kitchen Country has been made with the aim of inviting the customer to sample the warm and friendly atmosphere of the Tuscan kitchens from the past.

We have used recovered, patinated antique oak, poplar and pine wood reclaimed from antique floors to give the sense of these traditional kitchens.

The kitchen country appear essentially as a simple and functional, but seems as something familiar and reliable, like an old companion, and has a spontaneity and nostalgia of past times.

The essence and simplicity of this kitchen is derived from the amiable, esthetic of the timber and the respect shown in the conservation of the patination and the preserved finishes.

The furniture and objects are the same as those used by our grandparents, the work surface and parquet flooring easily translate into the pleasurable and simple things of everyday life.

The materials are constructed using the old traditional methods of the past but by using modern fixtures that make the kitchen completely functional and practical, without detracting from its antique look.

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