Kitchen Aurora

Kitchen Aurora has been produced in aged and patinated wood reclaimed, pine for the base and frame, and recovered oak for the top. The natural finish of the wood enhances and the intensify visual flavor of the aged wood, while still keeping it soft.

The travertine sink is substantial and the faucet, with its antique silver finish, creates an intentional luminous contrast.

The doors are simple and are constructed using the old traditional mathods of the typical Umbria and Tuscan style. The handcrafted hardware and handles are waxed and patinated to harmonize with the kitchen atmosphere.

The top, in antique oak, is of a significantly larger thickness on the peninsula which serves as a work surface, and incorporates a pastry board and rolling pin.

The wall is made in aged and patinated wood too, and its finish is grey and soft tones is typical of the French style.

The large decorated hood, made of aged poplar, has a finish which is sober yet with much character, and is supported by to substantial cabinets with a strong visual impact.

This kitchen rustic Tuscan is practical and functional, as all our creations are, without detracting from its country and rustic look, where the light and harmonious sense is preserved by the choice of soft shapes and colors. With it, we are introducing beautiful and practical furnishings that work anywhere, lending character without influencing and coexisting with other furnishing styles according to an eclectic standard.

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